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More than just Hosting a Site! SUMMAHOST Hosting, Designing and programming your e-ID. Simply, SUMMAHOST will hosting your Business

Summahost: Main Page
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How summahost creates your site

With the following four simple steps:

  • Reserves Domain
  • Provides hosting
  • Programmes and designs your site according to the highest security specifications
  • Processes and publishes your site

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Through our experience in summahost we recommend that you consider the following conditions when you choose a domain name

  • - A short name
  • - An easy name to type and remember
  • - A name that is related to the site content
  • - A name with a nice melody

The fastest way to professionalism

Website: Design & Programing

Beautiful design and safe programming

How we build your site?

  • 01

    Select package

    Choose your package from variety of choices we offer, we reserve your domain and provide you the hosting then you can advance to the next step.

  • 02

    Complete brief

    Complete your site’s content by giving us the information about the site and desired colours, layouts and details. Then you receive a demo copy of the design.

  • 03

    Review designs

    Review your website’s design to avoid any mistakes and to get the best results, then you will receive a final copy that matches your wishes.

  • 04

    Go live!

    Publish your website and test it on all environments, then Summahost continue supporting for a full year to avoid any new mistake.

Some websites by Summahost

Syrian Company for the manufacture of cement and building materials in Hama


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Fast, Powerful, and Secure DNS

Flexible Control


Improve your results in search engines.

How SEO Works

  • 01

    We add popular keywords that is connected to your work.

  • 02

    Relax while we add your site to more than 150 other sites that can lead visitors to your website.

  • 03

    We will study any programming errors that can weaken search results, which are not preferred by most search engines (ex. Google).

Choose Your Package

Because your time is precious, Summahost offers you packages including (Seo – Domain – Hosting – Design – Email – security)


  • Get name: 1 Domain
  • Get hosting: 10 MB
  • Get email: 5
  • Website Design: Static
  • Page Count: 1 Page
  • SEO: none
  • Logo design: none
S.P 9900


  • Get name: 1 Domain
  • Get hosting: 500 MB
  • Get email: 50
  • Website Design: Static
  • Page Count: 5 Page
  • SEO: none
  • Logo design: none
S.P 45000


  • Get name: 1 Domain
  • Get hosting: 1000 MB
  • Get email: 100
  • Website Design: Dynamic
  • Page Count: 5 - 8 Pages
  • SEO: 1 Month
  • Logo design: none
S.P 99000


  • Get name: 1 Domain
  • Get hosting: 4000 MB
  • Get email: Unlimited
  • Website Design: Dynamic
  • Page Count: +10 Pages
  • SEO: 2 Months
  • Logo design: 1 logo
S.P 153000